Hello everyone! Just a quick clarification, we are not affiliated with any online delivery services, such as Postmates. We do not take online orders through our website or through any third-party websites. The name of our food cart is listed on websites such as Postmates, but we did not authorize this listing and it’s being listed without our permission. We are not a part of their delivery program.

Again, we are cash only. Therefore, we do not and cannot accept credit cards or other forms of payment through these websites, through the phone, or through any other methods. Thank you!

Starting August 21st, our family-owned business will be one member short. Please expect delays in answering call-in orders over the phone (especially during lunchtime) and please allow for a longer wait time.

If you would like to have your order ready by a certain time, please consider calling in your order before the lunch rush and let us know when you’ll be picking it up. Since many customers will be calling in all at once during lunch, please understand that we will most likely not be able to answer everyone. And please do not leave your order in the voicemail.

We are trying as best as we can to accommodate the large volume of orders. Thank you.


All the entrées come with a choice of protein. The price of each entrée is according to your choice of protein.

Chicken ($5), Tofu ($5), Vegetables ($5), or Shrimp ($6)
(***Vegan? Vegetarian? Allergies? Any other dietary restrictions? PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN YOU ARE ORDERING***)